May. 2nd, 2016

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So because I can't feed myself ice cream, and because I'm weird and awkward about asking other people for help, when I have a tub of ice cream it tends to sit around for a while before getting finished off.

Tonight I was still hungry after dinner so I decided to polish off the coffee ice cream that had been in there for a while. And, er.

It was liquid.

Not melted. Cold. It wasn't even in the freezer door where it might have been only semi frozen. It was in the middle of the freezer. Amidst frozen stuff. And it was cold the way just out of the freezer ice cream should be--

--and it was *liquid*. Runnier than milkshakes. The consistency of room temp ice cream.

I had a confuzzled, but ate it anyway. Because ice cream.

Now, a few hours later, I'm starting to get nervous about what if it had gone bad and that's why the texture was weird, what if I get sick from it, what if I wake up at 2am vomiting, what if what if what if. (The fact that it tasted fine doesn't necessarily mean much; once I drank an Odwalla beverage that was a few days out of date but refrigerated and normal tasting, and that evening was throwing up from it, because bacteria don't always taste bad.)

Googling didn't help. Googling rarely helps when the question involves getting sick.



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