Feb. 5th, 2016


Feb. 5th, 2016 07:10 pm
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Have proper chair; am off cipro and back on cymbalta; and things should be better but I'm still a messy wreck.

I think I’m kind of in that place where -- you know how if you’re under a lot of stress for a decently long stretch, and you’re kind of bracing against the stress just so it won’t crush you, and then the stress goes away (or at least gets lighter) but you’re still braced and pushing, metaphorically speaking, and so you’re all off kilter and off balance and spending all your energy on bracing against something that isn’t there?

Yeah. That.

I feel like I ought to be back to normal, but I’m not, and of course my right ear had to be a total drama queen (pictures below, but teal deer is one of my piercings is just sort of wandering down off my ear) so I have to go back to the place I got it pierced (which is an actual tattoo/piercing place with properly trained people) for advice, though probably the advice will be either “let it heal, go one-earringed for a while, and then come back in and we can re-pierce it” or “sorry, can’t re-pierce, you’re destined for one-earringness forever”

(The whole earring situation is discouraging-- not just the wandering piercing, but it isn’t what I thought it’d be, isn’t what it would be if I had mobility. I *wanted* to be able to wear shiny dangly earrings as well as posts, but most of my aides are skittish about removing or putting in earrings, so I end up with the same ducking things all the time, plus I can’t take the earrings out while I sleep because they’ll close up, but I can’t wear the danglies overnight, so I have earrings that I never end up wearing because it’s a pita to fiddle with another person’s earrings and also because I wake up with earrings in and changing is a bigger fuss than just putting in, and I’m just really depressed about it all)

(Er, and it was bugging me even before this last couple months, though my current state of brain isn’t helping any)

and I still want to curl up and hibernate for a month, but the world is expecting me to just jump back into things and hibernating is kind of antithetical to doing shit.

and I still haven’t crocheted at all. Because I suck.


Anyway -- pictures of piercing issue below here )


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