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I know I keep disappearing, and I'm sorry. It's not intentional. I'm just finding it really hard to keep up with ... well, anything.

So. Updates!

Health: having continued fatigue and stamina problems, along with shit when I'm tired like aphasia and problems focusing my eyes right. I'm half considering asking my doctor how much she knows about ME/XFS and whether that's a possible explanation.

Niecelet: is two and a half (what), a total chatterbox, and really freaking adorable still. Also it appears I will have a nephew in a month and a bit (what). The sad thing is my sister has more energy at 7 months pregnant with a 2yo and a full time job than I do...

Crafting: glacially slow. It takes me a month to loom knit a hat. And then I get frustrated and don't work on stuff. There's tons I want to make, I just need more energy and mobility.

LJ stuff: ahahaha what oh lj. I'm so glad I don't do support there any more. I haven't decided whether or not to agree to the new tos ... which of course means this entry won't crosspost. My instinct is to not agree, but that's just a knee jerk reaction, plus I hate to just disappear.

Social media overview: I'm most active on rav, second most active here. Have picked up twitter again a little bit, do Facebook occasionally. Have an instagram account but it's not very interesting. Don't tumblr much. And as I said before I'm having trouble keeping up, so if I have missed any significant life events, I promise it's not personal. Feel free to comment with stuff I should know.

Other shit: some jerkwad dickface asswipe ran into the back of my van while it was parked downtown. No note of course. It goes in Tuesday to be fixed, which will take 3 days unless they find more damage than expected.

Games: Currently obsessed with Clicker Heroes (and I just transxended for the first time, eek!). Secondarily Abyssriun (why the fuck they changed it to tap tap fish, I don't nbkw but it's stupid), zen koi, a few others. I still want to write up game reviews. (Clicker Heroes is Steam, though I think there's a mobile version; the rest are mobile.) Oh, and Pokémon on 3DS, which I can't do for long stretches but I like way better than Pokémon go, though I've been playing Pokémon X for quite a while and barely have a clue what I'm doing.

Language stuff: went back to revising German on duo; I keep getting tripped up by false cognates (no, sinnvoll is not sinful!) but I've maintained my current streak, almost 250 days, yay me.

Um. I think that's all for now. Fair warning: I am typing this on my phone and my eyes aren't focusing right, so there may be typos or autocorrect weirdness. I apologize and will fix whey I can.
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1) had shower tonight. They are a pain in the ass but feel so good omg.

2) am all cozy in bed now, yay

3) have set up a tentative system for letting me access water while in bed (it's a setup similar to camelbak, meant for hiking but seems to work for my situation; I will post more about the setup once I've given it a few days to work out the kinks)

4) a hat I bought -- basically this rainbow ombré beanie but with the colors reversed so the purple is at the brim, because purple -- arrived today and it is awesome and makes me ridiculously happy

(the fact that both my mom and one of my aides had a general reaction of "wtf why did you buy something you could make yourself" -- which is kind of a hilarious inversion of the "why knit socks when you can buy them for a dollar at Walmart", but never mind that -- makes me a wee bit cranky. Yes, I could have made it; once I saw the picture I knew pretty much exactly how it was made. But I would have had to buy yarn because I don't have all the necessary colors, plus my rate of finishing stuff is beyond abysmal, and I wanted happy rainbow hat now dangit.)

5) I have cute pets and a cute niecelet who has figured out how to smile and she is the adorablest baby ever, or at least my adorablest niecelet

6) I do not at the moment hurt as much as I sometimes do

Today has ended up being a pretty good day.


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