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a) been kinda off-grid lately -- mostly health stuff (migraines, random heart palpitations that have no apparent cause at least yet but yes I do have a doctor appointment because this is a new thing, and stuff like pain keeping me awake last night until after 6am so I only got three hours sleep and the next day or two are going to suck) -- if I've missed anything important in your lives please link / summarize / tell me where to look?

2) I had a dream the other night where I got to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was very tolerant of me glomp-hugging him. idek.

iii) I "lost" all of Wednesday to writing up my newest knitting pattern, Freedom of Hattitude -- knitting drama seems to inspire me.

backstory )

D) I also made a hat for a friend. Loom knit, a smidge too small because I couldn't find the right loom, so worked in twisted rib (e-wrap+purl) for stretch.

V) ...and once my brain recovers from last night's painsomnia, I want to play with brioche loom knitting. Fear me. Or don't; whatever
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...okay, I admit it, this entry is mainly an excuse to test out the new update page on Dreamwidth. :D

(for those going "what? it doesn't look any different to me?", head over to the beta features page and opt in. it is awesome. There is a tag browser! and organization! and an update box that doesn't have an obnoxious fixed width! and fu is the awesomest!)


Writing thingses for the rest of the year:

* [livejournal.com profile] secret_mutant fic exchange (due Dec 22)
* Yuletide \o/
* [redacted] from kinkmeme
* daily writing project

Knitting thingses for the rest of the year:

* haat!
* ...other haat. maybe.
* gauge swatchen for tubular castingson
* figure out garter square sock toes on loom


(that all should keep me busy)
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So my last, way-too-mopey-to-be-totally-coherent post was about stitch counters, and the trials and tribulations of making them. And I kind of forgot to clarify what I was talking about. Pictures in my head were clear, but that really doesn't help anyone else...

So, explanation. This is for the loom, not needle knitting, so standard stitch counters don't work. (Which is a shame, because I know how to make those.) Really, peg markers would be a better description. I can't even read the previous row's stitches, so either I would have to count from the beginning of the row if I lose my place, or I find some way of marking regular intervals between the pegs.

If you look at the pics here, you can see the red twist-tie version. Fits between the pegs, wraps around the loom, fastens so it doesn't fall off.

My idea was to have a length of wire or thread, long enough to go around the loom, with fastenings to hold it closed in a loop; sturdy enough to stay there through a pattern, but removable so that I could change for different patterns. (Current one wants every 8, more or less. Really every 16, but it's nice having the middle indicated too. Other patterns will want different things.)

But the simplest thing I could think of -- fastenings + wire, with crimp beads holding it on -- didn't work easily, since the metallic fastenings kept jumping to the tools and interfering with the trying-to-crimp process. So I stuck a bead between the fastening and the crimp, and it wasn't gorgeous but it sort of worked.

...except that the weight of beads+fastenings dragged the loop down so that it was all on the bottom. Which would be okay except that I was trying to do different beads for middle-of-section and end-of-section, and I couldn't see the differences. Plus, the magnetic findings kept snapping to each other, which was frustrating.

(Plus, I managed to break one of the wire loops. Go me.)

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I figured that, having frogged the damn sock anyway, I might as well make proper stitch counters1 while the loom was empty. What I had previously, red twist-ties, was functional but the tips kept snagging on the yarn. Plus, they were, well, beat-up old red twist-ties.

So I dig out my beading supplies, and also take a run to the local bead store to pick up magnetic findings (since I needed fastenings that could be easy to open and close one-handed but that wouldn't fall off accidentally).

... in case anyone's wondering, magnetic findings are a fucking /pain/ to work with, given that all of my tools are metal.

Long story short: I spent all day futzing around, hurting my arms a bit, to end up with something that a) doesn't really work, b) managed to break, c) doesn't work, and d) is generally an utter failure.

I am feeling all emo mopey self-pitying miserable.

Also, I can't figure out how the hell to do what I want to do.

1/ETA: See this post for clarification / more information / etc
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For those curious, here are some pictures of the sock loom in action, with the late lamented partial sock in action.

pics! )

... The loom, by the way, is now empty. This is because of the thing where the instructions for ssk and k2tog were backwards and the pattern is therefore b0rked, and so I had to frog the whole damn thing. (Technically, the ribbing was fine; but there was no way I could frog back to the ribbing and get all of the stitches back on the pegs without major disaster, and fixing dropped stitches is practically impossible for me on the loom, so it was easier to just frog everything and re-do the inch of ribbing.)

(...plus, that allows me to doctor up a proper stitch count marker thingie. The current system, red twist-ties every eight stitches [for a 16-stitch lace pattern], functions but is less than ideal. Also doesn't have opportunities for shiny beads!)
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Had a run of really depressing dreams -- I can't remember everything, but some of it was me blatantly acting out the "...I don't deserve to be around people, no one wants me around" sigmathink, and some of it was me being abandoned, and the two were partially related but not completely but they were doing that fun self-feeding spiral, and it left me waking up gloomy and out-of-sorts.

(and, I suspect, hormonal.)

This was not improved by random internet outage. Lack of internets to whine to = not fun.

And as I was doing a non-internet activity, namely my [community profile] dwsockclub project, I finally figured out what was gnawing at the back of my mind about being off. The pattern has these ... kind of intertwining V shapes? And my sock was coming out not looking like the pattern. I didn't notice immediately, because the loom blocks the most recent 8-or-so rows, and then when I did notice I told myself it was just something about the loom that would resolve itself once I got the sock knitted and blocked, because I couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong.

...Until this morning, when -- at least 30 rows into the pattern, mind you -- I realized that I had flipped ssk and k2tog. Which means that the wrong stitch was being put in front, which means there wasn't the proper delineation of the V shapes.

(To be fair, it's not entirely my fault, because the instructions on loomknittinghelp -- you know, the ones where skp and ktog were matching when they shouldn't be -- were wrong, and I was just blindly following them. But I didn't really take the time to think, to grok why the pattern said to do what it did, and I should have.)

So now I have two-and-a-bit pattern repeats that are utterly messed up. And this is a top-down sock, so it's not like the first few pattern repeats will be hidden by shoes. Which means I pretty much have to frog it all and start over.

And I want to cry.

(I also want needle-knitting back, dammit. And cross-stitch.)

ETA: ways to /not/ make onesself feel better: sign on to WoW and queue for a random heroic, as a healer, and get freaking HoR. And then have lovely lag/latency issues (out of combat, it was fine, but in combat, I swear it was dipping to about 5fps or something). Yeah.
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Okay, so. I am trying to figure out how to do various non-basic stitches on the loom, because I've got knit and kbl/e-wrap and purl all down -- can't do 'em perfectly all the time, but I have them -- and a lot of the patterns I want to do involve either lacework (at least a bit) or shaping or both.

I am using http://loomknittinghelp.com, as it has the clearest instructions I've found, and I'm ... well ... getting kind of confused. At least with the decreases.

For the sake of simplicity, there are only two pegs, Left Peg and Right Peg, and two existing peg-wraps (stitches, loops, whatever), Left Wrap and Right Wrap. I am also including lkh.com's actual instructions, copied and pasted, under my summarized version.

For k2tog: Move Left Wrap onto Right Peg (above Right Wrap). Knit off.

1. Move the wrap of the peg to the left on top of the peg you want to knit a k2tog stitch.

2. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, above the two wraps.

3. Lift the bottom two wraps over the working yarn to knit off the peg.

4. Pull on the new wrap a bit with the knitting tool to make it looser.

For ssk: Pick up Right Wrap. Move Left Wrap to Right Peg. Replace Right Wrap (above Left Wrap). Knit off.

1. Pick up one loop and hold it on your knitting tool.

2. Take the wrap off of the peg to the left and put it on the empty peg to the right.

3. Put the wrap on your knitting tool back on the peg on top of the moved wrap.

4. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, above the two wraps.

5. Lift the bottom two wraps over the working yarn to knit off the peg.

6. Pull on the new wrap a bit with the knitting tool to make it looser.

... what's confusing me is, why is ssk so much more complicated than k2tog? Why not just move the Right Wrap to the Left Peg and knit off? You still have a peg with RW above (and therefore behind) LW.

For skp: Move Left Wrap onto Right Peg (above Right Wrap). Knit off.

1. Move the wrap of the peg to the left on top of the peg you want to knit an SKP stitch.

2. Bring the working yarn in front of the peg, above the two wraps.

3. Lift the bottom two wraps over the working yarn to knit off the peg.

4. Pull on the new wrap a bit with the knitting tool to make it looser.

... is skp really the same as k2tog? Because. I kind of thought they were different directions.

The annoying thing is, the pattern I'm doing now just has k2tog and ssk, but since I can't figure out whether it's skp or k2tog that's wrong, I'm afraid to even try. (And with the loom, you can't really see the results of a stitch until it's a few rows down.)



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